Who do I contact if...

There will be occasions when parents and other parties will wish to contact the school. To put you in touch with the most appropriate person and ensure a quick response to your enquiry, please use the contacts below. We shall endeavour to acknowledge all calls, letters or e-mails within 24 hours and respond to the enquiry within 48 hours.

Please remember that teachers are not easy to contact by telephone during the school day, as they will be teaching, in meetings or preparing work. You may find it more convenient to send an e-mail to info@bedfordfreeschool.co.uk and indicate in the subject box “For the attention of...” E-mails will be forwarded to staff regularly during the school day.

After School Activities & Homework Club
Many activities for students taking place after school. For all enquiries, contact School Reception, on 01234 332299. Reception is open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 8am to 4pm on Friday. If you wish to speak to Homework club after Reception has closed, please choose option 2 on the main telephone.

For enquiries about your child’s attendance, contact the Pastoral Leader for your child's year

Change of Contact Details
To ensure efficient communication between parents and the school, accurate contact information is crucial. If you have any changes to your details, contact Mrs Sexton on 01234 332299 or email hsexton@bedfordfreeschool.co.uk.

Complaints Procedure

Here at Bedford Free School we believe that any complaints should be handled as sensitively as possible. The school will respond to any complaint as soon as possible. Once we know about a problem we can usually deal with it effectively. However, sometimes a more formal framework is required and this can be found in a document entitled Complaints Procedure.

Parents should address any complaint they have to the Principal in the first instance:

Mr S Lock
Bedford Free School
Cauldwell House
Cauldwell Street, MK42 9AD

Email: info@bedfordfreeschool.co.uk

Finance Office
To enquire about any financial matters affecting your child please contact Ms Carter at finance@bedfordfreeschool.co.uk or 01234 332285.

Lost Property
Enquiries about an item of lost property, please ask your child to speak to Reception

To advise the school of a medical issue regarding your child, or make enquiries about medical provision, Please call Reception on 01234 332299

New Admissions
For enquiries about admissions contact Mrs Sexton on 01234 332278.

Student Welfare
To speak to your child’s Pastoral Leader about any matter referring to their welfare or to discuss any concerns you have about your child’s progress please contact School Reception.

To speak to your child’s tutor, please contact the School Reception on 01234 332299

Chief Finance Officer/Business Manager    
Bridget Edge   bedge@bedfordfreeschool.co.uk
Operations Manager    
Lucy Taylor   ltaylor@bedfordfreeschool.co.uk
PA to SLT    
Esther Logan   elogan@bedfordfreeschool.co.uk
Miss E Foley - Assistant Principal - Pastoral   efoley@bedfordfreeschool.co.uk
Mrs A Runnegar-Clark Pastorol Leader for years 10 and 11   arunnegar-clark@bedfordfreeschool.co.uk

Mrs C Costin-Webb Pastoral Leader for years 8 and 9

Mrs H Sexton Pastoral Leader for Year 7 and Admissions





Learning Mentors 

Holly Setterfield   hsetterfield@bedfordfreeschool.co.uk
Caroline Carpenter   ccarpenter@bedfordfreeschool.co.uk
Homework Club     
Holly Setterfield   hsetterfield@bedfordfreeschool.co.uk



Gemma Cavill   gcavill@bedfordfreeschool.co.uk
Lucy Chappell - DT   lchappell@bedfordfreeschool.co.uk
Ryan Carbonero - PE   rcarbonero@bedfordfreeschool.co.uk
Rachel Carter   rcarter@bedfordfreeschool.co.uk
Craig Brandon   cbrandon@bedfordfreeschool.co.uk
Mark Ure   mure@bedfordfreeschool.co.uk
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