Bedford Free School

Why are you serving Bedford & Kempston when it’s in Bedford. Would more pupils come from Bedford as its closer geographically?

Being in the town centre the new school is just one easy bus route away from homes in Kempston and other parts of the town. Originally the idea was for the Free School to be in Kempston but an agreement on a location could not be agreed with the council. Research also showed that parents in Bedford wanted a choice too.

What age group will the Free School be available to?

The School is for 11 to 16 year olds.

How will you compare to the local fee paying schools? Class sizes, curriculum after school clubs etc?

We are a small school, with smaller year groups but with the flexibility to offer a wide curriculum and choices. The longer school day will allow pupils to enjoy extra studies or classes in the morning or afternoon.

Being brand new, how can I as potential parent assess how good you will be? How can we gauge where you may be?

No new school has a track record it can call upon. Some of the area's upper schools do not have a track record which is appealing – despite having had years to get it right. We have a new and enthusiastic team who are able to concentrate on your child's education. We have been able to plan the school based on things from some of the best schools around the world.

What are the benefits of my child going here and not just to the nearest Middle School?

They will come here and not have to change again at 13 – perhaps to be forced to an upper school which was not their first, or your first, choice. Here they will have the advantage of growing into a young adult within the same environment. Bedford is one of the few places left in the UK which does not have a two tier education system. There is still great uncertainty about what is happening with the local school system – some are planning to go two-tier, others have yet to make up their mind - coming to Bedford Free School you can be certain of your child's schooling until they have done their GCSEs.

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