Student Support

What help will I receive if my child has dyslexia/dyspraxia?

Upon starting at the school, every child will have their specific needs assessed and an Individual Learning Plan will be drawn up as a result. Where extra support is needed for their learning we will, in discussion with their family, put this in place.

What help will my child receive if they are struggling with a subject?

We have built significant flexibility into the school timetable to ensure that students and staff have the time to either catch up, reinforce or extend their learning in subjects. Also, there will be After School Support where students can do supervised study beyond the school day.

What’s your bullying policy?

The Free School has an Anti-bullying Policy authorised by the Trust and strictly enforced by all staff.

What pastoral care is available?

The key advantage at Bedford Free School is the small size of the school: every child knows every teacher, and vice versa. Also, students are taught by fewer staff, so as to be known and supported better. We believe our house and form system will provide more opportunities for staff and students to support each other too.

Our accreditations