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Example timetables

Below are example timetables showing a typical school day. Please note that these timetables are examples and do not necessarily reflect the options that will be available for your child.

Example KS3 Timetable

School life for Jason…

“I’ve learnt so much since coming to Bedford Free School. I enjoyed my time at primary school, and was a bit nervous of moving, but the first week with just year 7 helped. It’s a small school, so I’ve made lots of new friends in the different year groups, especially as our Electives groups have a mixture of people from all over the school in them.

The other big difference here is my teachers. I’ve got to know them really well as they get to work with us in lots of different lessons – for instance, my English teacher takes us for public speaking sessions. I feel like they understand me properly, so can guide me in my learning better. I’m glad I’ll be here for five years  as that way they’ll be able to advise me properly on what GCSEs to take and I think I’ll do better as a result.”

Example KS4 Timetable

School life for Jasmine…

“The first thing I noticed about Bedford Free School was the teachers. They put so much effort into everything they do – getting to know us, the lessons we have, and all the different clubs and activities that are on offer too.

I get into school for 8am, so my dad can drop me off on his way to work, and I have breakfast there. It’s a chance to catch up with friends before the day starts. I also stay back after school until 6pm so my dad can pick me up on his way home. This means I can get almost all of my homework done in school, and if I need any help there are staff around to help me.

I’m currently study for my GCSEs. I’ve got lots to learn but I feel well prepared. My favourite subject is Science. I’ve been inspired by my science teacher and her passion for the subject ever since I joined BFS in year 7. I also really enjoy my options subjects, especially Geography and History. Teachers at BFS have really high expectations any ensure we have the knowledge to succeed. My lessons are calm and quiet which means I can always focus on my work. I’m working really hard so I can achieve well in my GCSEs and attend and great Sixth Form. I want to go to university to study medicine. I feel really well supported at BFS and know my teachers are always there to help me.