Enhanced curriculum at Bedford Free School

Enhanced curriculum

Bedford Free School believes that a student’s learning should be designed around their individual performance and ability. We also believe that the focus of a great curriculum should not be restricted to exam success alone. Our enhanced curriculum has been shaped around these beliefs.

A fundamental aim of the School is to develop students as fully-rounded individuals. We feel the existing ‘one-size-fits-all’ system doesn't allow students to achieve their maximum potential, and that is why our curriculum is different.

We have combined our core curriculum with a wider education for our students that is not currently covered on the national curriculum. The School provides students with high-quality technology opportunities, a rich programme of sporting and enrichment activities, extended projects and community-based service.

Most importantly, to guarantee participation and widen access for all of our students, this extended learning is compulsory – an integral part of our school day that everyone is expected to take part in, so that no child misses out.

Our enhanced curriculum represents one third of a student’s timetabled learning, and helps to develop important qualities such as resilience, independence, problem-solving and leadership skills in our students.

We are confident that upon graduating from Bedford Free School, our students will not only be achieving outstanding success in their GCSEs, but they will also be leaving us as fully-rounded individuals who are socially-conscious and aware members of their community and society in general.

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