The Library

The Bedford Free School Library is open to students every break and lunch time. Here they can complete homework, read quietly, or engage in any one of the numerous activities that take place every lunch time, from Film Club to Chess. The bookshop-like feel of the fiction section is a fun and inviting place for students to come and discover the joys of reading, with numerous symbols and characters painted on the walls and soft furnishings to read in comfort. The rest of the library is comprised of a computer area reserved for homework use, and the nonfiction/classroom area used for a number of timetables lessons. KS3 have a fortnightly library lesson where they learn about how the library works, and are able to use the space freely to be given dedicated reading time, as well as work on their Accelerated Reader progress: an online system that awards points and prizes for the amount and comprehension of books read.



Follow this link to go to the Bedford Free School Accelerated Reader website – do your quizzes and reading tests here!

Accelerated Reader

Harry Potter Night!

On Thursday 5th February, once the school had gone dark, the library became magically transformed into the Hogwarts Great Hall as part of the first international Harry Potter Book Night. This celebration of J.K. Rowling’s magical universe involved an evening of activities and games, food and frivolity all based around Harry Potter – a Sorting ceremony using our very own, totally-not-a-bin-bag-around-a-piece-of-card Sorting Hat; artistic challenges like designing your own wand and Chocolate Frog cards; Harry Potter Pictionary and Scene-It; and of course our very own Honeydukes sweet shop, complete with cauldron cakes, acid pops, cockroach cluster, sherbet lemons, and candied newts. We even had our own home-made brand of Butterbeer, all topped off with an interhouse quiz which was won, as it should have been, by Gryffindor.



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