Languages (French and Spanish)

Subject Leader Mrs A Kigang

Knowledge Maps 

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Year 7


1 Vamos

2 Familia

3 El colegio

4 los pasatiempos

Year 8


mi barrio

el medio ambiente

el colegio

la rutina diaria


la ville

la nourriture

les vetements

Year 9


la salud

de compras

De vacaciones


la routine

Les vacances

la santé 

Year 10 


Familia revision

Familia revision part 2

Revision 1

Sport part 2

Daily routine, sports and tv programs


le famillie et loisirs

famille part 2

sport part 2

Year 11


el colegio recap


School part 1

School part 2

School part 3

future plans part 4

Opinions and reasons to use


MFL is recognised in our school as a valuable tool to prepare our students for the world of work.

We currently offer French and Spanish as our main languages (and German and Russian as part of our extra-curricular elective activities)


The majority of students will have the opportunity to study two languages during their time with us.

In year 7 and Year 8, all students study Spanish for 6 hours a week and are taught in mixed ability groups.

 From year 8, French will be introduced to students in sets 1 and 2 while set 3 students continue learning one language – Spanish; set 4 undertake extra English.


All students are also given the opportunity to extend their language learning beyond the classroom.  These include short and long residential visits to France, Belgium, Spain.

There is an annual 7 day residential visit to a foreign city. In June 2014, we went to Salou while Paris is scheduled for May 2016 (and Italy for May 2017). We also organised in November 2014, a Weekend Christmas shopping trip to Lille and Belgium.

We are also working very closely with external organisations such as St Neots language.  We have also hosted 27 Chinese students for a week in July 2015 and 13 Spanish students for a period of 3 weeks in September 2015.

As from 2015-2016, our gifted and talented students will be rewarded with a trip to learn other languages like Chinese, Portuguese, Cantonese, etc.

Our accreditations