School uniform & equipment


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Please note our uniform supplier is presently Josens, 25 Harpur St, Bedford



        Boys                                                                                       Girls

  • White shirt with fastened top button


  • White shirt with fastened top button


  • Black Trousers – worn pulled up with a belt if necessary


  • Black skirt knee length: - selected styles from school supplier only. Please explicitly state that you are from BFS and they will advise which skirts you can choose from
  • Dark coloured or white socks
  • Black tights – no leggings
  • Black/White socks


  • Black trousers; school style (not fashion i.e. skinny, cropped etc.)


  • Blazer (School supplier only)


  • Blazer (School supplier only)
  • V-neck jumper (School supplier only)


  • V-neck jumper (School supplier only)


  • Tie (School supplier only)


  • Tie (School supplier only)


  • Black school shoes – (no boots, ‘trainer’ style or plimsolls)


  • Black school shoes – (no boots, ‘trainer’ style or plimsolls)


  • Sensible school coat – (no hoodies)


  • Sensible school coat – (no hoodies)



  • Clear nail varnish only – nails kept to a sensible length
  • No make up
  • All facial jewellery and visible body-piercing is inadmissible. All jewellery should abide by the ‘1’ rule i.e. 1 ring, 1 pair of stud earrings (in earlobes only)
  • Hair should be appropriate to a professional place of work, i.e. no extreme/unusual styles or colours, no shavings or patterns. Hair must be of a natural colour. A student may be asked to tie hair back for health and safety reasons. Hairbands/scarves should be plain black; no other hair ornament is necessary.



PE Kit


  • Fleece top (School supplier only)


  • Polo shirt (School supplier only)


  • PE Shorts/skorts (School supplier only)


  • Tracksuit bottom - no leggings


  • Sports socks (School supplier only)


  • Trainers with appropriate grip, material and support for the ankles (no high top or plimsolls)


  • Football boots


  • Mouth guard  


  • Shin pads


  • Plain black waterproof jacket (optional)


Equipment List

Attending school with the correct equipment is vital in ensuring that pupils can participate fully in lessons. Please consider the equipment listed below as essential and as a minimum.



School Bag - robust

Predominantly black

Must be suitable for carrying equipment and kept in good order.

School Planner

Provided by the school

Achievement Card kept neatly and renewed weekly

Provided by the school

Pencil Case containing: -

Black, blue, red and green pens

Pencils and sharpener

Colouring pencils



Glue Stick

Safe scissors (optional)

30cm Ruler


Geometry kit (protractor, set square, pair of compasses)

These can be purchased in virtually any supermarket – need not be expensive. Some are less than £1.


This should be a Casio FX-85GT – available in most supermarkets and shops, and will see you all the way through to A-levels. It even comes in a pink version!


To be worn on the wrist


Small – to be kept in bag unless used in lesson under teachers instructions

Rough note book


Reading Book

To be brought to school every day (one may be obtained from the school library)

Clear Water Bottle



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