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Welcome to Bedford Free School

“We believe, that given the right circumstances, all children are capable of extraordinary things”

We work in partnership with local families to serve the communities of Bedford and Kempston providing an academic, focussed well-rounded education to pupils aged 11-16.

Bedford Free School is different.

We begin each day with a morning address, where we reflect on our shared values of respect, honesty, and high-expectations while reminding our whole community that we strive to go the extra mile. Our school values hard work, routines and structure.

This leads to impeccable behaviour and an environment that enables students to focus on their learning. Pupils arrive to lessons carrying their subject equipment so that there is no wasted time while they get ready. We supplement our very academic curriculum with 30 minutes of group reading of a classic work of literature daily, and we supervise prep, so that pupils can start homework or further study.


Working with the community, we therefore strive to maximise the prospects of young people through an expanded academic curriculum, the entitlement to great experiences, very high expectations of conduct and behaviour, and the very best teaching. We expect our pupils to attend university and we equip them with the knowledge and dispositions to be able to do so, while making a difference in our communities.

Our pupils are entitled to access, in Matthew Arnold’s words, the best that has been thought and said. We structure everything we do around the belief that our pupils deserve the very best, and we deliver the best possible curriculum. Our staff believe that “if it is not good enough for our own children, it is not good enough”. Hence we use the best PE facilities in Bedford to supplement our rooftop extension, deliver extra-curricular activities during the school day so that everyone can participate, and equip our classrooms with all that is needed to ensure our pupils become world-beaters!

To fit everything in, we run an extended school day from 8.25am-4pm, and have supportive catch-up sessions and extra teaching that goes on beyond that. The school is open for supervised for quiet work from 8am-5.30pm.

If you are interested in the school we have a fantastic virtual tour (link at the bottom of this page) which will give you insight into our school and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have further questions [email protected]

With very best wishes,

Mrs Jane Herron, Principal
Open Evenings

Prospective pupils, parents & carers please click on the link below to see our Virtual Open Evening:

BFS Open Evening