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We are delighted that Bedford Free School is one of the first schools in the country to be selected to lead the Department for Education’s new Behaviour Hubs project.  The project, which started at the beginning of the summer term in 2021, aims to support 500 schools across the country that want to improve their behaviour and culture.

As a lead school, Bedford Free School will partner with other schools to form a collaborative hub, which involves working alongside schools to identify what improvements they wish to make, and support them in achieving and maintaining their vision through bespoke training, action planning and ongoing mentoring of school leaders.

Bedford Free School staff have expertise in establishing and sustaining systems and routines that promote positive behaviour, and as a result enjoys outstanding pupil conduct, which was highlighted in the schools recent Ofsted report:

“The very calm atmosphere at the school enables pupils to learn with great focus… Pupils work exceptionally well independently and are highly supportive of each other when working together in lessons.

Some pupils told us that joining this school has transformed the way they behave. They say that they now can do well in education and have improved life chances. Pupils feel safe and confident in the school’s orderly and purposeful learning environment.”

Leadership staff at Bedford Free School have also made a significant contribution to the Behaviour and Culture module of the national Exemplary Leadership Programme, and over the past three years, the school has welcomed over 300 school leaders who have visited to learn from their great practice.


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“Achieving great school behaviour is complex and challenging. We have spent many years crafting an exemplary culture at BFS. We are excited to now be able to offer a supportive approach to other schools so that we can develop a whole school culture that means that pupils are happy, fulfilled, respectful, and can achieve their potential.

“For children to flourish, the conditions for learning must be effective.  We will open our doors to others to see how we do it, and work collaboratively to help ensure that in different contexts, common lessons can be learnt and all children get an even better deal.”


Jane Herron, Principal (Interim), Bedford Free School

“Without strong behaviour and culture, children can be held back from achieving their potential. We’re delighted to have been selected to be a behaviour hub lead, and look forward to working with other schools with humility – sharing what we do well and learning about them.

We’re completely committed to collaboratively improving the offer for all pupils and their families in our region.”

Stuart Lock, CEO, Advantage Schools


Jane Herron – Behaviour Hub Lead and Principal, Bedford Free School

Jane was one of the founder members of Bedford Free School and has in excess of twenty years teaching experience in secondary schools in Bedfordshire. She is also a qualified SENCo, safeguarding lead and drama teacher, and is passionate about creating the conditions for all pupils to achieve their absolute best. Jane has significant expertise in school leadership, particularly around creating systems and routines that support a safe and supportive learning environment.


Tom Wood –Deputy Principal, Bedford Free School

Tom has overall responsibility for the curriculum and quality of teaching at Bedford Free School, as well as planning and implementing the professional development which helps to ensure that the school’s routines and behaviour are excellent. He teaches both English and religious education.

Sallie Stanton – Director of Education, Advantage Schools

Sallie is an experienced school leader and teacher of English, and has been the Advantage Schools Director of Education since September 2018. She oversees all aspects of educational performance across Advantage Schools and has particular expertise designing and delivering professional learning opportunities for teachers.


Further information

For more information about applying to the Behaviour School Hubs project, see the Department for Education’s website here

To arrange a visit to the school contact our reception staff on either 01234 332299 or [email protected]

For an informal conversation about the support we can provide schools in establishing an excellent culture and behaviour outside of the behaviour hub project, contact Sallie Stanton [email protected]