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Reading and the Library

The BFS Library is open to pupils before school (from 8am), every break, every lunch time and after school until 5.30pm.

Here they can complete homework, read quietly, or engage in any one of the numerous activities that take place every lunch time, from Film Club to Chess.

The fiction section is a fun and inviting place for pupils to come and discover the joys of reading, with murals and characters painted on the walls and soft furnishings to read in comfort.

The rest of the library is comprised of a computer area reserved for homework use, and the nonfiction/classroom area used for a number of meetings and smaller lessons

The library really is a hub of the school. It complements our DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) programme, where for 30 minutes a day pupils read a classic work of literature with their tutor group. This means that we expect them to have read up to 100 classic novels in their time at BFS.

The library also offers pupil leadership opportunities, with librarians running the space, promoting books (or criticising ones they didn’t enjoy) and ensuring that it is purposeful.

We love the BFS library.