Our Staff

Belinda Goodship
ECF Lead for Advantage Schools / Professional Tutor & Teacher of Music

Belinda was a former Biddenham Upper School student and graduated BMus from University of Surrey with a PGCE from Institute of Education, UCL and is currently studying for a Masters in Music Education at Institute of Education, UCL

Working at Bedford Free School was her first job after her PGCE from the Institute of Education.

As she progressed through her schooling years, many of her own teachers inspired her to become a teacher. The teachers that inspired her most were the teachers that delivered creative lessons, used firm but fair behavioral strategies in the classroom and consistently oozed passion for their subject. Every day, as a teacher, she now endeavors to do the same. She aims to inspire the future generations, just as she was inspired as a child.

Music is a subject that is accessible, practical and skills-based. It is a subject that can be shared through performance, composition and analysis. You regularly work and communicate with others in ensembles and creating music collaboratively; one of many important social skills you develop through the love of music.

Not only is music Belinda’s job, but it is her hobby; playing in orchestras, singing in a barbershop chorus and quartet and performing in music festivals. Music opens so many doors and opportunities for personal development.

Belinda’s priorities this year are all centred on student engagement in the classroom. She will focus on implementing the following strategies (amongst many others); ‘No Opt Out’, ‘Circulate’ and ‘All Hands’.