Virtual Open Evening 2020

Virtual Open Evening 2020

Dear prospective Pupils, Parents & Carers,

I would like to extend you a very warm welcome to Bedford Free School (BFS).

We believe that every single child and young person, given the right circumstances, is capable of achieving extraordinary things. Our school is unique; we have a powerful culture of high expectations and exceptional standards of behaviour. We have an academic knowledge-rich curriculum running alongside fantastic enrichment opportunities. This means we ensure that pupils leave school knowing a lot in a range of academic subjects. Therefore success, in the fullest sense of the word, is something which is desirable, demanded and achievable for all pupils.

We are a small school and pride ourselves on how well we know our pupils, their needs and how to ensure they reach their full potential. We are a family and as a family our values of respect, honesty and high expectations are exceptionally important to us. These aren’t just things we say. They are things we believe in and underpin every action and conversation within this great school.

Our five sets of GCSE results have been extremely successful – with the ‘Class of 2019’ we celebrated our best ever results and have continued to build upon the successes of previous years and you can see more details of this in the insert. BFS We are now well on our way to being a world-class school and I’m proud to say we have former pupils who are now attending the very best universities as a direct result of their achievements at BFS. This is a place where talent and ambition are nurtured and pupils truly flourish as a result.

We are very proud of the curriculum which all pupils receive. We believe in teaching academic disciplines and only enter pupils for traditional academic subjects at GCSE. This is how we prepare our pupils for the future and give our pupils the best chance of success in further education and therefore the best route into the top universities.

We’re heavily oversubscribed and we pride ourselves on being the first choice for parents in the local area. We firmly believe in parental choice and the importance of making informed decisions about the right school for your child.

Unfortunately, due to current restrictions we aren’t able to offer our normal Open Evening and family tours. Instead we have produced a virtual tour and video introduction to BFS. This webpage also contains useful information such as the school prospectus.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or need further information or advice.

Mr Tim Blake


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